Press Release: PRESS RELEASE: Current IRS Tax Refund Schedule Dates for 2014 Announced

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LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/05/14 – IRS has announced the current IRS tax refund cycle dates for the year 2014. IRS informs the public that they will start to open this year’s tax filing schedule at the end of January 2014. The IRS is not anticipating for any refund delays as all taxpayers are advised to utilize e-file services to file their taxes as well as receive their refunds faster than the ordinary tax filing.

See IRS tax refund schedule dates

IRS is currently anticipating issuing nine out of ten tax refunds within 9 days or less than 21 days if taxpayers uses e-filing. Taxpayers are advised to file their taxes online using Turbo Tax. Their tax return will be sent to the IRS automatically as soon as they start accepting tax returns.

This makes their filing and accepting tax returns easier and faster as they do not have to go personally to IRS to file their income tax returns. The IRS automatically acknowledges their e-file return receipt and then gets their exact refund date just within 72 hours.

IRS will start accepting as well as processing refunds and returns on January 31, 2014. It says that there is no advantage in filing on paper prior to the opening of tax filing season this year as they won’t receive their refunds faster than they expect.

This is why all taxpayers are advised to use e-filing with direct deposit as it is the faster alternative than paper filing. The IRS also can process their return faster than the usual, which also makes the refund for taxpayers faster.

With the use of Turbo Tax, tax software, taxpayers can track the status of their e-filed return as well as keep tabs on their refund in various ways. They can make use of their Turbo Tax by just simply logging in on their PC. They can also download MyTaxRefund app for free on their Android smartphone, iPad and iPhone to track their tax return and tax refund. Taxpayers can also access the information of their e-filed return and refunds using IRS website.

For taxpayers who want to find their tax refund dates faster, IRS presents a tool called “Where’s My Refund?” with a three easy steps to follow. This serves as a guide for all taxpayers who want to make their tax filing and tax refund easier and faster this 2014 tax filing season.

For more information on the current IRS tax refund cycle chart for 2014, visit the site

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8 Responses

  1. Kat Ford says:

    “Taxpayers are advised to file their taxes online using Turbo Tax.” ~ I was surprise to see that written in your article since IRS states
    “Reminder: Any claims by Providers concerning faster refunds by virtue of electronic filing must be consistent with the language in official IRS publications. Per the advertising standards in Publication 3112, IRS e-file Application and Participation, and Publication 1345, Handbook for Authorized IRS e-file Providers of
    Individual Income Tax Returns, providers must not use improper or misleading advertising in relation to IRS e-file,including the time frames for refunds or other financial products.
    This reminder serves as the IRS’s request to the tax preparation community to follow these messaging guidelines. (Copied from )

    • Cory S says:

      I call bs on the turbo tax. The IRS absolutely did not recommend any particular company or software.. terrible journalism to include an outright lie.

  2. CrazyFrank says:

    If you look over the site carefully you’ll see that it’s a Intuit sponsored site

  3. Eagle says:

    Someone is mad… everyone efiles nowadays… I am military and ita free thru Turbo Tax everyone else is useless

  4. Lee Taylor says:

    I agree with Kat, sounds like an article written by Turbo Tax.

  5. Kat,
    I was pretty surprised to see that as well. It never amazes me the level some will lower themselves to.

  6. Kristy says:

    What does code 1121 mean?

  7. Jackie says:

    I filed my return 2/3 and I have yet to receive my refund. So much for faster turnarounds this tax season. What is really going on? I would love to know.

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